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Venus Buzz - Fashion Friday: Dressing Up Tips for Raya

Posted on June 17 2015

Original article by Nina Hidayat for VenusBuzz 


How to not let your kebaya gets in the way of meeting the family members and feasting to the heart’s content.

Just like any other festivity – it is about looking your best besides celebrating with the family after a month of controlling basic humanly desires. A classic conflict of interests always occur prior to a moment as important as this; between wanting to look great and staying comfortable during silaturahim with the nears and dears.

Whilst you would not want a splash of rendang on your baju kurung, it is bound to happen at some point or another. To this, we suggest choosing cotton over satin during your nephews’ visit. Other than that, we have compiled five dressing up tips to ensure your style and comfort during days of Raya.

1. Keep it loose with kebaya, baju kurung and maxi dress

Raya requires you to walk around, squatting down, even a bit of running around if you are in charge of babysitting the little rascals for the day.

  • For that, we would suggest you to don slightly loose baju kurungs instead of the tight ones. Mind the skirt too – straight cut is better than mermaid cut if you were to move around.
  • Another option you can explore is turning the maxi dresses you already have into baju Raya – match them with tudung or turban if you’d like to, and you won’t have to be confused over the clothes for the third or fourth day of the festivities.
  • If you choose to wear baju kebaya, it is best to opt for the modern cut, with shorter hemlines that allow you to move freely.

Products info: Kohlur pink maxi dress, RM199. Ethnic Chic baju kurung, RM109. Sazzy Falak is wearing baju kebaya byBhumi Batik.

2. Mind the materials & colours

Blessed be those with not-so-active sweat glands. But for some of us who easily sweat – it is crucial to choose the materials of our baju raya wisely. For day use, opt solely for cotton – nothing quite beats its ability to absorb sweat. For night use, quality chiffon and satin win for their versatility. Be sure to use quality chiffon for cheap chiffon would only worsen the sweating case.

Colour-wise, opt for light hues namely pastel yellow and white (depending on the material) to disguise sweat stains. While black and darker colours would be good to hide sweat stains, you would also be attracting more heat – thus making you perpetually hot and sweaty! Patterns make for great disguise, too.

Products info: OOH! patterned baju kurung, RM199. Kohlur white chiffon kaftan top, RM129. Mekar dark green kaftan, RM220.

3. The accessories department

Those plain baju raya call for pretty accessories. Intricate bib necklaces with pearl and stone detailings would do you a great favour, whilst chandelier earrings would help you achieve the all-special look for the festivities. Besides that, the must-have brooches!

If there’s a no-no, it would be non-precious metals for those who are prone to skin rashes during sweating. Make sure they are placed under your clothing, or else replace them with silver and gold.

Products info: Sevendays chain gem stone necklace, RM89. Lush Icon dropped earrings, RM288. Mekar antique brooch, RM146.

4. Fuss-free shoes

The long hemlines of baju kurung are best paired with heeled shoes, although kitten heels are definitely not an option due to impracticalities. Opt for wedges or platform heels, rounded toe over pointed ones. Also, leave any strappy shoes at home – Mary janes, anklets, and T-bar shoes are not meant for the occasion whereby taking off shoes are done multiple times in a day.

Also remember to make sure if you’re reusing old shoes that they’re still in tip-top condition; the last thing you want is for everyone to see the state of your dirty insoles when you take your shoes off!

Products info: Nawal Jes pearl platform court heels, RM550. Kiss & Tell floral wedges, RM79. Charles & Keith wedged sandals, approx. RM133.

5. The tudung tips

Some women have experienced hair health problems, including balding, caused by prolonged wear of tudungs. The key is to choose smooth materials namely satin and silk to prevent hair falls. Another tip is to mind the fit of your headscarf – make sure it is not too tight as to cause headache, excessive sweating, and hair damage.

Products info: Sugarscarf printed headscarf, RM37. Mukaa two-toned satin scarf, RM29. Butik Cymus bawal matahari, RM15.



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