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Syawal Style: OOH My ... It's a Traditional Fashion Affair!

Posted on June 30 2015

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Whether it’s working, playing or attending social events, practicality is the most important aspect when it comes to choosing the right outfit. 

While elaborate couture pieces may bedazzle the onlookers, especially when you are walking on the red carpet, rest assured taking care of it could be a great hassle. Thus, this is where Baju Kurung comes in handy. 

An Asian fashion staple that is normally associated with Malay culture, Baju Kurung, just like its counterpart Baju Kebaya is often worn by Malay women within the vast expanse of Malay Archipelago dating back to the Malaccan Sultanate. 


It was only during the 19th century, the outfit gained popularity among Malay women with different materials were used to denote the status of the wearer. For example, a woman from noble family or royalty may use intricately woven local brocade known as ‘songket’ while peasants may use cotton as the latter is cheaper compared to the former.

These days, Baju Kurung is no longer limited to Malay women’s wardrobe or as an outfit to be worn just for Hari Raya or other special occasions.


In fact, it is now widely embraced by women of all heritages. Be it in the offices or in schools, Baju Kurung is the preferred choice of outfit, largely due to its practicality and its streamlined silhouette. 

As fashion evolves, so is Baju Kurung. From sporting plain looks with clean yet loose line, fashion designers have taken one step forward by modernising this traditional outfit, injecting contemporary fashion elements such as peplums and body-conscious approach.

For those who are seeking for exclusive Baju Kurung without the fear of breaking their bank account, OOH is the answer. A true blue home-grown label, the OOH founders believe in one ethos that Baju tradisional – Baju Kurung, Baju Kebaya or Jubah (robes) – are meant to be worn by people from all walks of life. 

OOH women are often depicted as contemporary Malaysian women who are modern and well-versed with the world around her; possess a touch of tradition and practical sensibility. 

Moreover, there is a reason why OOH was chosen as the name of the brand: It cuts across every language and is used to express happiness, amazement, satisfaction and excitement. In a way, it is a universal name that requires no translation of sort.

For Aidilfitri, OOH has unveiled five different designs, consisting modern reinterpretation of Baju Kurung, Jubah, maternity Baju Kurung, adjustable Baju Kurung and Baju Kebaya. Drenched in bold, pastel hues and digitally printed on Japanese and English cotton fabrics, the Baju Kurung collection boasts body-fitting silhouette that enhances the slenderness of the wearer’s body. The graphic prints bring forth a sense of modernity sans forsaking its traditional appeal.

On the other hand, the line of adjustable the Baju Kurung is crafted from Japanese and Egyptian cottons, ensuring maximum comfort especially in our hot and humid climate. 

Being the world’s first adjustable maternity Baju Kurung, the collection features 2-in-1 functionality that enables mothers-to-be to adjust the top and bottom of the garment according to the size of the their growing tummy and put them on again post-natal. 

What’s more, it is also a unique piece of outfit due to the adjustable buttons and Velcro fasteners, hence making it suitable for both pregnant and non-pregnant women.

As jubah seems to be Aidilfitri de rigueur, fashionistas will be thrilled by the selection of stylish jubbahs by OOH. 

Crafted out of high-grade Lycra with heavy beading adorning the neckline, the jubbahs, available in six stunning colours, do not only provide full coverage but also comfort whilst injecting uniqueness into your personal style. 

For Kebaya lovers, look forward to a series of enticing Baju Kebaya sets that are infused with a Kelantanese twist. Using authentic Balinese lace and silk plus sequin embellishment as the front centrepiece, the tops are paired with Indonesian sarongs. This beautiful combo gives the look a truly Asian yet cosmopolitan feel.

OOH Aidilfitri 2014 collection is available now, exclusively at OOH Online Store. Prices start from RM129.00 onwards.

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