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Washing & Care Instructions

Care Instructions

We love you and want you to get the longest life out of your garment =)

General Care

  • Best Bet: Hand wash your beaded and lace items with cold water or dry clean

Environmental Best Practice

  • Carbon Footprint: Almost 60% of our total water impact and 20% of our total carbon emissions occurs when people launder their garments.
  • You Can: Cold wash and air dry your gear if you want to show the earth a little love

Taking Care of Bright and Light Colours

Keep it light and bright. To care for your bright coloured outfits, we suggest that you:

  • Turn your beaded cotton, lace, silk and satin attire inside out before hand-washing or dry-cleaning them
  • Hand wash your items in cold water
  • Hand wash bright colours alone before you wear them
  • Keep your light coloured outfits away from the bright and dark colours
  • Continue washing bright coloured attire with similar colours
  • When wet, keep bright coloured gear away from other fabrics
  • We do not recommend using a washing machine
  • But if you absolutely must, please fasten all the hooks of your outfit so it doesn't snag the fabric and use a mesh laundry bag
  • We do not recommend you to tumble dry your items
  • For cotton, lace, silk and satin items, hang them to air dry
  • For lycra items, lay them flat to air dry

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